Song of the Day: Noah Gundersen, “Ledges” 

If you’re into minimalist singer/songwriter stuff, this has got to resonate with you in some shape or form. Great songwriting, and a great voice.

mid-year 2014

in case anyone is interested, i made a playlist of my top 10 albums of the year thus far. it’s been a great year for music, and there are still a ton of albums that have yet to be released!


… please forgive me if I act a little scared.

the chorus of this song. ugh. i can’t even. 

First Defeat

It’s the first defeat
It cuts you to your bones
Knocks you off your feet
You discover that home
Is not a person or a place
But a feeling you can’t get back


and i want to learn how to love,
and give it all back,
and be forgiven for all i’ve done.

HOLY MOLYj sajdoihDMOSD! Noah Gundersen is coming here in april! i am going and i am going to sing and cry and love my life. it’s been far too long.

Wandering Bird


The Courage - “Wandering Bird”

I am the king of the sparrows
Of the sparrows
With a broken wing
Oh, and I fell in love with a strong wind
With a strong wind
And it carried me away 
Oh, haven’t you heard
All of your songs
They’re only songs